About Rimeco

Rimeco Aktieselskab

Think globally, act locally

Our goal is that RIMECO will continue to be an innovative, reliable and flexible partner who always views supplier and consumer demands as a new challenge. This approach has allowed us to become a global market player and is one which we are committed to maintaining. More details…

  Rimeco is a BIR gold member
Today, BIR represents over 850 member companies from the private sector and 40 national associations in more than 70 countries. Together, these members form the largest international recycling federation.

RIMECO trades and supplies steel scrap, alloys, metals and raw materials, which end users / mills and smelters use in the production process. These include carbon scrap, pig iron, ferroalloys, metals and metal scrap.

Much of our raw material trading involves the use of sophisticated financing techniques including countertrade arrangements.