Rimeco is a BIR gold member
Today, BIR represents over 850 member companies from the private sector and 40 national associations in more than 70 countries. Together, these members form the largest international recycling federation.

Let RIMECO take care of your next project

At the demolition, we ensure that the task is carried out according to applicable laws and that the task is in accordance with

  • Regarding the activities taking place on site
  • Maximum noise reduction
  • Undue disruption avoided
  • The degradation takes place in a specially secured area
  • All safety and compliance with environmental legislation

RIMECO has its own demolition department who act as consultants in planning, case management, design and execution of all major demolition applications. Our skills and experience are your guarantee for a safe and successful project. We appreciate that you experience a positive difference by working together with RIMECO A / S.

We operate and offer our expertise

  • Insurance Tasks & damages and assessment tasks
  • Industry Tasks such as guidance, logistics, disassembly, mobilization
  • Construction tasks, including disposal of process plants, equipment, concrete and the like.
  • Remediation Tasks, including asbestos, PCBs, oils, contaminated soil etc.
  • Contaminated soil, including land hotel in Aabenraa
  • Breaking of ships and offshore units, including project planning, environment and security coordination
  • Design projects

RIMECO A / S ensures that the customer gets the best possible price for recycling.

  • We are 100% independent and family owned
  • We are direct suppliers to end users as well as landfill, ensuring no costly intermediaries.
  • minimal waste - close to 100 per cent. recycling of the material

What can we do for you?

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- Tradition and experience go hand in hand

RIMECO A / S has existed since 1888. For generations, our company and the family Riggelsen been an active part of the recycling industry in the country and abroad.

Experience and continuity

  • quality and ethics
  • competence and professionalism
  • credibility and effectiveness
  • responsibility and safety
  • value creation and precision

are key concepts and essential in RIMECO's self-image and corporate culture. RIMECO'S experience and development spans more than 128 years and 5 generations.

We are still looking for new technological advances in reprocessing to ensure continued development for future generations.


Project Experience

We have experience with all types of demolition applications which makes us a natural and obvious partner and consultant on many projects at home and abroad. We are ready with a full range of advice and services and ensure that your project is carried out according to your wishes and needs - and of course what we agree.

Our motto is "Adopt, Adapt and Improve" where we have the customer as an active partner in focus. We operate under the philosophy that together when we are a step further in the right direction.

At RIMECO we listen to our customers needs and seeking common solutions and helps you through all phases of the project to ensure the best possible outcome. We will show you the difference in the collaboration and the management of the project.



  • Raffinaderi, Exxon, Tyskland

Power Plants / Heating plants

  • Enstedværket, Aabenraa
  • Esbjergværket, Esbjerg
  • Kedelanlæg, H.C. Ørstedværket, København


  • Tankanlæg, Carlsberg, København
  • Olietanke, Aabenraa

Port facilities

  • Aabenraa Havne kaj, Fredericia
  • Siloer, Sverige

Why recycle?

Scrap metal is a valuable commodity

Earth's resources are limited and scrap is a coveted commodity. Today almost half the world's steel production based on recycled iron and 60% of the stainless steel comes from recycling.
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Recycling reduces CO2

It is more energy intensive to produce metals from scratch than to remelt them. Recovering example. aluminum from scrap saves 95% energy compared to reprocessing of ore
- Good for CO2 accounts and really good for the environment.

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Quality Certificates

RIMECO A / S is iso certiceret and member of various international associations in recycling.