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Think globally, act locally

Our goal is that RIMECO will continue to be an innovative, reliable and flexible partner who always views supplier and consumer demands as a new challenge. This approach has allowed us to become a global market player and is one which we are committed to maintaining. More details…

  Rimeco is a BIR gold member
Today, BIR represents over 850 member companies from the private sector and 40 national associations in more than 70 countries. Together, these members form the largest international recycling federation.
RIMECO is an innovative and reliable partner for suppliers and consumers of raw materials in the steel, stainless steel and foundry industry

We embrace the challenge of continuously setting new standards in our industry.  

Efficient recycling requires the optimization of all relevant processes. Our long experience enables us to develop and implement a tailored plan for you.

As a reliable and competent partner we will assist you throughout this implementation period in order to assist you save costs and ensure a smooth flow of all waste management processes.