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Our goal is that RIMECO will continue to be an innovative, reliable and flexible partner who always views supplier and consumer demands as a new challenge. This approach has allowed us to become a global market player and is one which we are committed to maintaining. More details…

  Rimeco is a BIR gold member
Today, BIR represents over 850 member companies from the private sector and 40 national associations in more than 70 countries. Together, these members form the largest international recycling federation.

Rimeco has bought parts of the power station Enstedværket in Aabenraa, Denmark,

and in cooperation with The Port of Aabenraa, Rimeco will modernize and develop the area to an attractive industrial port, which is only 3 kilometers away from the Port of Aabenraa – Southern Jutland’s biggest commercial harbor.

The Industrial Port of Aabenraa covers more than 155,000 m2 near the quay with many facilities. You will find warehouses of 2-4,000 m2, heated warehouses up to 2,500 m2, workshop facilities with 25 tons overhead cranes, halls with 11 meter working height under overhead cranes, a bulk hall with an automatic loading system, an administration building with flexible options from 200-7,000 m2 and areas for storage or construction of new buildings. Additionally the Industrial Port of Aabenraa is an access controlled ISPS-area with excellent infrastructure.

If the vessel is geared to load tasks, the goods can be transported all the way to the deep-water quay with a water depth of 18 meters. If you need a larger external lifting capacity, the Port of Aabenraa is very close to the Industrial Port of Aabenraa. There are good transport routes between these two ports, and the Port of Aabenraa, which is one of Denmark’s biggest ports, has two Liebherr harbor mobile cranes with a combined lifting capacity of up to 248 tons.

The Industrial Port of Aabenraa is centrally located in Southern Jutland with a distance of only 30 kilometers to the Danish-German border. This allows you to cover all of Southern Jutland and the northern part of Germany from Aabenraa. The Industrial Port of Aabenraa is situated only 5 minutes from the Highway E45 / 25 kilometers from Padborg Combi Terminal and Padborg Transport Centre, an important logistics center for Scandinavia and Northern Germany.